Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jerusalem snow and in the snow, you better walk one step at a time

One Step at a Time

If you have negative traits, constantly work on acting in a manner that is diametrically opposed to them. This will make those negative traits foreign to you.
Take it slow, and keep in mind that this is a lifelong process!

Including walking in the snow..See below

Love Rabbi Yehuda Lave

My time in Israel is spent to grow spiritually. My primary purpose is to continue to learn with my Rabbi, who teaches me how through the bible, I get closer to G-d.
The purpose of course is to grow into a more loving human being.
Yesterday, Rabbi Sprecher, my Rabbi, mother passed away. He is sitting Shiva in Brooklyn and if anyone wants to contact him for a Shiva call, please call or email me and I will pass along the number

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