Monday, February 17, 2014

Jay Black & Chagall and a fake John Kerry

Plan Your Day

At the beginning of each day, ask yourself:
[1] What are my goals for today?
[2] What are the five most important things that I need to do today and what is their order of priority?
[3] What new  knowledge do I plan to gain today?
[4] What acts of kindness can I do today?
[5] What one trait would I like to excel in today?
[6] What positive change am I resolved to make or maintain today?
[7] If today were my last day, what would I make certain to do?
[8] How can I gain by looking at today as the first day of the rest of my life?
[9] What would you like written on my tombstone? What do I plan to do today in that area?
[10] What is important for me to remember today?

Love Yehuda Lave


A popular singer and group in the 60’s was Jay and The Americans.  Jay Black (Real name David Blatt) was from an Orthodox Jewish background.  His most famous song was Cara Mia.  They had many top hits.  His voice had an operatic/cantorial quality.

He recorded a famous Yiddish song called “Where is the Village?" (Vi iz dus geseleh?) in 1966.

Jay adapted it into a version to demonstrate his feelings about the Holocaust. After a long struggle with the record company, he convinced them to let him record it. While recording it he worked with Artie Butler to help him with the arrangement.  He added Chagall's paintings to provide sentimental visions of the Jewish villages in vivid colours.   

Hope you enjoy this!  The Chagall pictures are spectacular.



I was there when this fake Video was shot--going down the steps of the Kotel (wailing wall) and I am in the video for a second.

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