Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fwd: Oranges and a kinder world

Follow Health Instructions

A famous physician used to relate that in his entire career of treating thousands of patients, he had only one patient who followed his instructions exactly without deviation. The patient was the great sage, Rabbi Yisroel Salanter -- because he regarded doctor's orders as the fulfillment of the Torah obligation to guard one's health.

Someone once came to Rabbi Salanter's room and found him perusing a medical guide to exercise. He had the book open and did every exercise exactly as described -- since the doctor had advised him to do so.

Love Yehuda Lave

A beautiful rendition of Ha Tikva:


  1. Be resolved to become a kind person. How do you do this? Think, speak, and act with kindness.
  2. Love kindness. When you do what you love, you are happy. A master of kindness is a master of joy.
  3. When encountering someone, let your first thoughts be, "What kind words can I say to this person and what kind things can I do?"
  4. Keep asking people, "What can I do for you?"
  5. Everyone needs encouragement. Ask yourself, "What can I say that will be encouraging?"
  6. Wherever you are, you are there for a reason. Ask yourself, "Since I am here now, what kindness can I do?"
  7. Every kind person is unique. You have unique talents, skills, knowledge, and resources. Utilize them to help others in your own unique way. Ask yourself, "In what unique ways can I be kind?"
  8. Do a daily act of kindness without letting anyone know who did it.
  9. Learn from every kind act you see or read about. Ask yourself, "What can I learn from this to be kinder?"
  10. A valuable rule is, "Even if you don't feel like a kind person, you can still act like one." Think of a kind act you can do that you don't feel like doing.
  11. Think of a kindness telephone call that you can make today.
  12. Think of a kindness note, letter, or email that you can write today.
  13. View your own pain, distress, and suffering as tools for empathy and understanding. Ask yourself, "How can this experience help me be a kinder person?"
  14. Keep asking yourself, "If I were this person, what would I want others to do for me?"
  15. As soon as you recognize a need, volunteer to do something about it. Don't wait until you are asked.
  16. Listen to those who need a listening ear. Listening to someone is a great act of kindness.
  17. If you know that someone is looking for a job or needs to earn more money, ask yourself, "What can I do to make it happen?"
  18. Be empathetic and compassionate. Be resolved not to cause distress, pain, or loss with your words and action.
  19. Learn from everyone. Keep asking people, "What kindnesses from others have you appreciated?"
  20. Pray for the welfare of others.




And to think all this time we thought California and Florida were the orange capitals of the world. 


Orange festival in Netherlands





































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