Monday, December 8, 2014

What? courage??? and a lesson about happiness and Zichron Yakov Israel's modern start

Appreciate Being Alive

"How did you develop such a serene and happy way of being?"

"I almost died twice and that taught me to ignore the irrelevant and unimportant," he said to me. "I had problems with my heart. Just surviving the surgery gave me a greater appreciation for being alive. But what totally transformed me was riding my motorcycle off a cliff. The last thing I saw was the ground rushing to greet me. Then two days later I found myself in a hospital bed in serious condition. I had broken bones and wasn't certain I would make it. I survived and healed. And now I feel great whenever I wake up in the morning. When I go to sleep, either I will wake up for another day or I will go to a better world. Either way I am a winner."

Love Yehuda Lave

Zichron Yakov Israel's modern start on our OU TOUR

A Lesson About Happiness From A Holocaust Survivor - Business Insider

Pass the Salt please, a lesson about courtesy

This is the case of 1 photographer taking photographs of a 2nd photographer. The following photos were taken by Hans van de Vorst from the Netherlands at the Grand Canyon, Arizona .
The descriptions are his own. The identity of the 2nd photographer is unknown.
  And that is sheer luck as it would have been known had things not worked out as they did.

I was simply stunned seeing this guy standing on this solitary rock at The Grand Canyon .The canyon's depth is 900 meters (3000ft) here.
  (But you would bounce a bit to get down 3,000 feet) The rock on the right is next to the canyon and is safe.  (Depends on how close to the edge of the rock you get.) Watching this guy - wearing flip-flop sandals - with camera and tripod, I asked myself 3 questions:
1. How did he get onto that rock?
2. Why not take that sunset picture from the rock to the right, which is perfectly safe?
3. How will he get back?
After the sun set behind the canyon's horizon, he packed his things (having only on free hand) and prepared himself for the jump. This took about 2 minutes, and at that point, he had the full attention of the crowd of tourists.

He's now at the point of no return - he jumped in his flip-flops.

Now you can see that the safe rock is higher so he had to land lower - which was quite steep - and tried to use his one free hand to grab the rock.
  (His dominant hand must be his right hand.  His brain was nowhere dominant in this sequence.)

Look carefully at the photographer. He has a camera, a tripod and a plastic bag, either on his shoulder or in his left hand. Only his right hand is available to grab the rock and the weight of his stuff is a problem. He landed low - his right hand and right foot are slipping. At this very moment, I took this shot.
He then pushed his body against the rock, waited for a few seconds, threw his stuff up on the flat rock , climbed up and walked away, presumably to a bathroom to change his shorts.
I know I had to change mine - and I was only watching !
Hans van de Vorst
Some people are willing to exchange their lives for just the fun of surviving the transaction!  I wish them luck, as long as they aren't doing anything that will endanger anybody else.  I also hope they don't procreate!

Abu Mazen Expresses His True Plans for Israel and Peace

Published: December 7th, 2014
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in a meeting at his Muqata compound in Ramallah, where he rejected both Israel's exclusive rights to Jerusalem and its status as a Jewish state.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in a meeting at his Muqata compound in Ramallah, where he rejected both Israel's exclusive rights to Jerusalem and its status as a Jewish state.
Photo Credit: Issam Rimawi/Flash90

Palestinian President Mahmoud "Abu Mazen" Abbas said in an interview to the Egyptian paper "Achbar Alyom" last month that 6 million Palestinian refugees, himself included, are waiting to go their homes they were kicked out of [in Israel]."

Abu-Mazen, besides admitting he plans to overrun Israel with 6 million Arabs, said he will "never recognize Israel as a Jewish state – as that would shut the door to all the Palestinian refugees."

The interview was translated by MEMRI.