Friday, March 6, 2015

Colorized Rare Historical Photos and Muslims want to get rid of everyone and the Mitsvah to come Israel

Release Stress and Tension

As you keep building up a greater appreciation for being alive, you realize that tension can be a reminder that you are alive. Every moment of life is precious and is a reason to celebrate the fact that you are alive.

Thinking is a reminder that your brain is working. Since your brain is working you can choose to say to yourself, "Right now, I am alive and I choose to release all stress and tension."

Let any form of needless stress remind you to create mental scenes that are conducive to being calm and relaxed. You might have a favorite serene scene, or you might enjoy creating new ones.

Tell your entire muscular system, "Muscles, relax." Hear your muscles responding, "Thank you for reminding me to loosen up and let go.

Love and Shabbat Shalom and Purim Samach

Yehuda Lave

Worth watching.

Colorized Rare Historical Photos 
At first I thought I must have seen these before, but then I opened the web site and
began watching it and must admit that I'm glad I did because it is really worth watching.
These photographs are absolutely incredible! Many of them are from the Civil War
era and early 1900's.
The clarity is astounding and the colorization looks like it was taken with modern photo gear.
It is a serious of videos that has many interesting pictures from the past after the main one views

The Radical Muslims want to get rid of the Christians just as much as the Jews. View this remarkable documentary by a Muslim moderate Doctor as to his battle against radical Muslims


Alert! Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky: "Mitzvah To Make Aliyah!"

By Yosef Rabin
2/27/2015, 4:02 PM
Yosef Rabin
Yosef Rabin is a United Temple Mount Movement activist who has been involved...

As we all know, sadly many very "frum" Jews choose to live their lives in the exile. Even more tragically many of these "frum" Jews pressure their children into staying in the exile, thus ensuring the continuation of the great desecration of G-Ds Name that is the exile. Many of these "frum" Jews try to explain their way out of fulfilling G-Ds will by claiming that moving to Israel is not really a commandment that would apply in our time or that moving to Israel would somehow endanger their religious existence.

As I wrote in the headline there is a Das Torah Alert! The "frum" circles like to claim that whenever their Torah sages decree something they must follow it because that is obviously the only valid opinion. So here goes perhaps the greatest Charedi Rabbi alive today named Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky declared clearly and unequivocally that is it's a "Mitzvah Dioraita" meaning a biblically ordained commandment to ascend to the Land of Israel today!

If you do not believe me here is the video!


Aid to Rabbi Kanievsky asks:

He (pointing to the gentleman sitting on the left) ascended to Israel 7 months ago. He says that in Lakewood, NJ many people told him they wish that they could also ascend to Israel, but that it is too hard. Other told him that it is forbidden to ascend and must only wait until the Moshiach arrives.  Are their views correct or should people ascend to Israel today?

Rabbi Kanievsky replies:

It is a commandment to ascend to Israel.

 Aid to Rabbi Kanievsky asks:

Is it a biblical command to ascend to Israel and does it apply today?

Rabbi Kanievsky replies:


So there you have it – CHAREDI DAS TORAH HAS SPOKEN!

I just know that already by Sunday 100s of thousands will be boarding plans and coming home!

See you soon!

Here is link to video: