Monday, March 9, 2015

Scientific proof of the universe and 200 Year Old Desk and if Obama was president in 1941

Feeling Follows Action

External behavior that expresses enthusiasm is the result of an inner feeling of enthusiasm. But it is also true that by behaving externally as if you were enthusiastic, this will also develop a similar inner feeling. If someone is doing a good deed with external signs of speed and enthusiasm, then little by little that outward behavior will influence inner feelings. On the other hand, if someone's external behavior is lazy or depressed, his inner feelings will soon be consistent with that.

This is one of the most important principles for mastery of one's emotional state. Identify the mental states that you want and then act externally as if you were already in that state. This includes your total being: posture, facial expression, and even your tone of voice.

This method will give you increased joy, enthusiasm, confidence and serenity. With practice, you will gain true self-mastery.

Love yehuda lave

Professor Haim Shore proves the Hebrew words of the universe coordinates with science. I watched the whole show and it is quite fascinating and believable and gives you more faith in G-d

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Subject: 200 Year Old Desk.. click below


Can  you imagine buying this desk and having no instruction book with it? And to think the fellow who made this over two hundred years ago did it with hand tools alone.

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