Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Welcome to Chinese Wal-Mart and problem focus versus solution focus and part two of St. Lawrence Seaway

Part of the St. Lawrence Seaway in Canada Day One


Problem Focus Versus Solution Focus

Develop the habit of thinking about potential solutions whenever your mind comes up with a problem. "What are some of the ways that I could possibly solve this problem?" is one of the worthy questions to get into the habit of asking yourself.

When you keep your mind focused on solving problems, you save yourself the anxiety you would have experienced if you had focused mostly on problems.

Moreover, when you think about finding solutions, you are more likely to find satisfactory solutions.

Keep your eyes and ears open to reading and hearing about how various people have solved different problems. Think of a list of people who excel at solving problems. Instead of spending an excessively large amount of time obsessing about a problem, ask yourself, "Who is good at solving problems? Let me contact this person." When you can't contact your problem-solving friend immediately, you can gain by asking yourself, "What do I think this person would say to help me solve this problem?"

Thinking about the situation in this way will bring out an aspect of your creativity that otherwise would not have been accessed.

Love Yehuda

This brings me to the lovely days we had living in China.  We have had some equally interesting experiences in the markets  and oh, there is nothing like purchasing a dozen eggs and carrying them home in a plastic bag in the basket of our bike and riding over the railroad tracks on the way.  Many vivid memories. ..................B

Welcome to Chinese Wal-Mart