Monday, September 19, 2011

Absolutely Stunning photography -- and work on your traits and St. Lawrence Seaway part one

We got back from my trip to Canada last night, but the pictures will keep coming for another two weeks. It will take me two weeks to catch up from being gone for one week from work, even though I worked every day on my vacation as well.  On Thursday of next week starts Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), which will put me behind again. Oh well, life is to be lived!!!

Love Yehuda

St. Lawrence Seaway Part one on day one in Canada

Work On Your Traits

Overcoming negative character traits is the essence and purpose of life. Therefore, we need to continuously strengthen ourselves. If you do not work on overcoming your traits, what is the purpose of your life?

Today, which two negative character traits would you like most to change? Imagine a miracle happened and you woke up tomorrow with the positive traits that are the polar opposites of those traits. In what ways would your life be different?

Love Yehuda

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