Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jumping through hoops and Mitzvahs with Joy with part three of Canada and tours from around the world on attached video

Do Mitzvahs with Joy

Every mitzvah should be performed with joy. One aspect of "mitzvah joy" is to do the good deed with all your energy and ability.

For example: Rather than offer a needy person a morsel of food, serve him a hearty meal!

Love Yehuda

Canada Day One Part three in Downtown Montreal

Here is an opportunity to view sights from about 165 cities in the world  -  each between 2 to 10 minutes long.


This is a very interesting video - with sound and commentaries. Just click on any cities (left of your screen) – there are about 165 cities (including Singapore) to choose from. For those of you who have traveled extensively, you probably would recognize some of the sights.
Keep this link and take your time to tour

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