Friday, September 9, 2011

Well-founded Opinion by Pat Condell and Feelings aren't facts and massive power failure tests faith

Last night we had a massive power failure in San Diego and had no power for 12 hours. A couple of days before 9/11 it was unsettling. On 9/11 I will be traveling to Canada to experience a week of discovery. My e-mails may be a little scattered for the next week.

Love Yehuda

Feelings Aren't Facts

Some people feel discouraged. They then assume that these feelings are facts: since they feel discouraged that is a "proof" there is no hope. But feelings only represent a person's present state of mind, they cannot predict the future.

They can ask themselves: "Do my present feelings actually prove that there is no hope?" Of course not. There is never absolute proof that your situation will not improve. By believing you have no hope, you are causing yourself great harm. Adopt the attitude: "It is always possible that the future will turn out much brighter than I presently feel it will. What constructive action can I take for improvement?"

 Well-founded Opinion

Pat Condell's latest is a breath of fresh air. Particularly since he has not been particularly supportive of Israel. But this speech is very remarkable. 

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