Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Incredible Chinese acrobatics and Banish Negative Thoughts and the end of the second day of Canada

Banish Negative Thoughts

One of the great Sages of the 20th century, Rabbi Yeruchem Levovitz, observed: "People become so used to being unhappy that they are unaware of the needless misery they cause themselves. They imprison themselves by filling their minds with thoughts of resentment, hatred, and envy. It is amazing how they tolerate living such a life. The only reason they do tolerate it is because they have become so used to living with these thoughts that they feel it's normal. They think it's impossible for life to be any different!"

Be totally resolved to free your mind from stuff that doesn't serve you!!! I add to that get out of your life things that don't serve you, unless they are there for a mitzvah (good deed) for someone else!!

Love Yehuda

Day Two still keeps us at the sports tower and observatory


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