Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Home Security South African Style--I need this by my office and Day two of Canada and act of courage

An Act Of Courage

When I think of an act of courage, I think of my aunt who was in the concentration camp in Auschwitz. One of the other women became physically weak and was ordered to stand in the line leading to the gas chambers. My aunt managed to get the Nazi officer to look the other way for a moment. She then ran over and with one hand pulled her sister back in the line of life, and with her other hand she also pulled out the stranger who was next in line.

Her daughter learned of this in Macy's in New York many years later. The woman who was saved recognized my aunt and screamed and fainted. My aunt didn't recognize the woman. After reviving, the woman said, "I will never forget you. You saved my life."

Love Yehuda

Day Two of Canada--Montreal takes us on a Grayline tour of the whole Montreal City


Home Security South African Style


 Scroll right through to the end, then scroll up to see how it actually happens - unbelievable.









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