Monday, September 26, 2011

The Education and Restriction of an Israeli Solder and a Rosh Hashanah Wish and Card for my friends

Rosh Hashanah (The Jewish new year of 5772) is this Wednesday Night--Here is a card for you (above)...Just press skip to skip the ad


        There is a Midrash (a commentary on the Five Books of Moses in the form of a parable) about a successful businessman who meets a former colleague down on his luck.  The colleague begs the successful business man for a substantial loan to turn around his circumstances.  Eventually, the businessman agrees to a 6-month loan and gives his former colleague the money.  At the end of the 6 months, the businessman goes to collect his loan.  The former colleague gives him every last penny.  However, the businessman notices that the money is the exact same coins he loaned the man.  He was furious!  "How dare you borrow such a huge amount and not even use it?  I gave this to you to better your life!"  The man was speechless.

        Likewise, the Almighty gives each of us a soul.  He doesn't want us to return it to Him at the end of our days in the same condition that we received it.  He wants us to better ourselves, to enhance our souls by doing the mitzvot (613 commandments).  It is up to us to sit down before Rosh Hashana and make a list of what we need to correct in our lives between us and our fellow beings, us and G-d and us and ourselves!

Dear friends.

The world should know what Israel is dealing with .!!!!!!! If the Page comes up in another language, Google will automatically translate.

Love Yehuda


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