Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jewish achievements and Revenge


When we've been wronged, it is very difficult to overcome feelings of animosity and revenge. As the saying goes, "revenge is sweeter than honey." It takes great strength of character to overcome the natural desire for revenge and instead to forget the entire matter and remove it from one's heart as if it had never occurred.

Such a level is easy only for angels who do not have normal human emotions, but not for ordinary mortals. Nevertheless, the Torah states this obligation explicitly: "Do not hate your brother in your heart. Do not take revenge and do not bear a grudge." (Leviticus 19:17,8)

Today, ask yourself: Is there anyone toward whom I feel resentment, animosity or a grudge? If yes, imagine being able to let those feelings melt away. Experience yourself being free from the burden of those heavy feelings. Forgive!!! Allow yourself to feel the relief and lightness of living in the present -totally free from those counterproductive thoughts and feeling

Love Yehuda


Jewish Achievements
0.2 % of the world population
54 % of the world chess champions (at least one parent Jew)
27 % of the Nobel prized in physics
31 % of the Nobel prizes in medicine
20% of Noble prizes in chemistry
36% of Noble prizes in economy 
25% of the Fields medal (the World's highest mathematicians) winners are Jewish
25% of the most distinguished photographers.
The leading world musical performers in 20th Century:
            Violinists:        65% were Jews
            Pianists:           40%     "          "
Conductors     25%     "         "
            25% of the great master photographers
            10% of the great master architects
Major worldwide diamond trade
Major worldwide garment industry
            2 % of US population
21 % of the Ivy League student bodies
26 % of the Kennedy Center honorees
37 % of the Academy Award-winning directors
51 % of the Pulitzer Prize winners for nonfiction
45% of playwright Tony Awards
37% of move directors since 1927
24% of the greatest American screen legends
63% of the writers for the longest-running Broadway musical shows
30-40% of the most distinguished comedians in 20th Century
50% of the greatest magicians in 20th Century
30% of most distinguished American conductors
30% of the faculty of the Harvard, Stanford and Yale law schools
16% of the Supreme Court justices
38 % of those on a recent Business Week list of leading philanthropists
67% of the John Bates Clark Medals for promising economists <40 years old
40% of the most generous Americans in philanthropy
50% of America's department stores
Jews created of had a critical role in shaping the following major Hollywood studios:
            Paramount Pictures
            Universal Studios
            20th Century Fox
Colombia/TirStar/Sony Pictures
Warner Brothers
United Artists, now a part ofMGM
The Walt Disney company
Miramax Studio
Orion Pictures
DreamWorks SKG
94% of the Academy Awards for Best Pictures since 1927 belongs to these studios.
Four of the five largest Real Estate Investments in the USA belong to Jews and 65% of 2007 Forbes top 25 people in real estate in the USA are Jews.
Founder of Bloomberg, the largest financial information company in the World
Co-Founder of Intel (Andrew Grove)
Co-founder of Google (Sergey Brin)
Co-founder of Oracle (Lawrence Ellison)
Head of Microsoft (Steve Ballmer)
Co-founder of Qualcomm (Irwin Jacobs)
Founder of Dell Computer Company (Michael Dell)
29% of the NFL football teams are owned by Jews
40% of the NBA basketball teams are owned by Jews

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