Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Corning Glass ... For The Future!!! and the power of Auto Suggestion and Color my world by Chicago

The Power Of Autosuggestion

Utilize the power of autosuggestion for increasing your level of serenity.

Autosuggestion must be worded positively. Repeat what you do want, not what you don't want. Therefore you say to yourself, "I am becoming more and more serene each and every day." Or even, "I am becoming more and more serene with each step that I take," when you are walking.

You are not necessarily making a statement of present fact. You are telling your brain the messages that you want your brain to make your reality.

Love Yehuda 

In gratitude for all that Life has to offer, that we have given and created ourselves, and for all of those with whom I have shared wonderful, warm, beautiful times, here is a simple, truly beautiful love song (color my world),  by one of the greatest groups ever... Chicago.

May life be wonderful and joyous, and may we always share it with people we love. And to my new friends Lou and Del, who I met last night to see if they read this

In gratitude and love

Now, this is impressive!!!
Hope we're still here to see some of this in reality!
- Corning Glass ... For The Future!!!
This is an impressive, beautifully assembled
presentation by Corning Glass.
Impressive to say the least!  

See what we have to look forward to.

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