Monday, November 21, 2011

Josh Groban's tribute to Regis today on Regis and Kelly and fame and happiness

Fame and Happiness

Many people mistakenly think that being famous will automatically make them happy.

But happiness depends on what goes on in your mind and not what happens "out there." Hence if you are thinking negative thoughts, you will be sad even if everyone else in the world is speaking about how great you are. Conversely, if you think positive thoughts, you will feel good even if no one gives you honor.

Happiness is dependent on your thoughts and not on what other people say about you, unless you tell yourself you cannot be happy without the approval and honor of others. But when such is the case, the main problem is not that others do not give you honor, but that you tell yourself it is awful that other people do not give you the honor you arbitrarily demand.

Speaking of Fame and happiness, Josh Groban salutes Past greats in his goodby to Regis on his show, singing "Smile"

Love Yehuda

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