Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Music Box Dancers-Amazing!! and Challenges can be elevating and a book on Israel in the year 1695

Challenges Can Be Elevating

The more difficulty you encounter in fulfilling a good deed, the more joy you will feel - since this manifests a greater degree of elevation. A person's success is dependent on those good deeds that are difficult for him to do. A seemingly "minor" good deed performed with difficulty is actually much greater than many good deeds which are easy to perform (due to their being consistent with the person's nature).

When performing a good deed that is difficult for you to do, instead of thinking how awful it is, appreciate that the difficulty is what elevates you!

Love Yehuda


Here is a book from 1695 on Israel before the Hype that shows the truth before Arab Hype:

 Another piece of history known by few people.
Written in 1695 !!!


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