Sunday, May 5, 2013

AUDI CES 2013 ..The car that parks itself--literally and Watch for action in Syria

Quitters can be Winners

"Quitters are losers!"

This is frequently true, but not always. Of course it's a mistake to quit prematurely. But at times, quitters will be winners since they devote their new found time, money, and energy on a project that seems more likely to succeed.

Weigh the entire picture to figure out your best course of action. But don't let fear of quitting lead you in the wrong direction.
Love Yehuda Lave

   AUDI CES 2013 ... What will they dream up next!!!
                          This is way too cool!!! You're not gonna believe what you are watching.  What will they dream up next ???

Obama- Israeli Action on Syria: "Justifiably Have to Guard" Against Red Line Violations, "We Coordinate Closely With the Israelis"

President Barack Obama today reiterated support for actions that Israel is taking to maintain its long-established red line against the transfer of Syrian advanced weapons to terrorist groups. His statements were in reference to reports that Israel on Friday struck a Syrian missile shipment. They come amid reports that Jerusalem on Sunday conducted additional strikes against Syrian military infrastructure.

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