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10 gifts to give to your wife (or the other way around) that she will appreciate more than money

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Enter People's Reality

Enter the reality of other people. Put yourself in their shoes. See life through their lenses. This leads to a sense of identification and oneness, and is literally the fulfillment of the mitzvah to "love others as yourself."

Of course, if someone's reality is counterproductive, don't stay there for too long! And the same applies to your own. You can't always change your external reality, but you do have the power to upgrade your internal reality.

Think of someone you have a difficult time understanding or being empathic with. The next time you talk to that person, try to enter his reality and see the difference.

Love Yehuda Lave

During Chul Amud we visit the very mixed port of Jaffa

Jaffa Historic Port of Israel

Some people die at 25 and aren't buried until 75."          

      - Benjamin Franklin

World first as surgeons spot a brain tumor - with a 'bleeping pen'

A British hospital is trialling a laser that bleeps like a parking sensor on a car when scalpels get to the edge of cancerous areas of the brain, letting surgeons know their margin for error.

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29 March 2015

Did you ever wonder what to give your wife? We live in such abundance that it is often hard to find something that is unique, meaningful and which you haven't yet given her. These cost your love not your money.

1. Appreciation. Recognize what she does. Thank her for her hard work. Express gratitude for the little tasks she takes care of that you may usually take for granted. Write a note. Send a text. Or say thank you as soon as you walk in the door.

2. Compliments. Tell her she is beautiful. Compliment the dress that she is wearing or the color of her shirt. Give her positive feedback about her work. Tell her that she is an amazing mother. Tell her that she's smart. Tell her that she's talented. She needs to hear it -- especially from you.

3. Empathy. Commiserate with her when she's had a hard day. Listen to her. Say things like: It sounds like you had a really rough meeting. I can't believe you stood on line for that long, you must have been so frustrated. You must be so tired from being up all night with the baby; it must have been really challenging managing everything at work today.

4. Kindness. Be available to help. Fill up her car with gas. Fix her computer or offer to help her with a problem at work. Hold the baby. Do homework with the kids. Ask your wife if she needs anything. Give her a break. Apologize when you hurt her feelings. Be kind.

5. Friendship. Be her friend. Go on dates together or spend focused time with each other. Do fun things together. Plan adventurous trips even if they will be short. Share your struggles. Encourage each other. Be happy for each other's accomplishments.

6. Affection. Tell her that you love her. Buy her flowers. Express how happy you are to be married to her. Tell her that she completes you.

7. Respect. Research shows that the first thing to go in a marriage is politeness. We get too comfortable around those closest to us, and we forget to show them basic respect. Call her or message her when you're running late. Even if it's just five or ten minutes later than the time that she was expecting you. Hold open doors for her. Greet her. Smile at her. Look at her when you are speaking.

8. Acceptance. Accept her weaknesses. Understand that she often sees things differently from you, remembers things differently from you, and handles things differently from you. Praise her strengths. Reassure her that you are always there for her.

9. Authenticity. Be real with her. Share with her important experiences in your life. Tell her about what is happening at work. Express when you are worried, angry or sad. Do not try to hide or deny your feelings.

10. Laughter. Maintain your sense of humor especially in times of stress. Share inside jokes. See the lighter side of life. Eliminate mockery and sarcasm. Laugh with each other but not at each other.

One of the worst myths about gifts is that they are an all-or-nothing proposition. Either you give the right gift in the right way or you give nothing. But real gifts, especially in a marriage, have a lot of spaces in between. You learn to give a little and then you learn to give a little more. Sometimes your wife will be ready to receive what you have to give and sometimes she won't. But every time you give, the gift creates a positive, precious deposit in your relationship.

Les trois ont été rescapés par les autorités du sous-sol de la maison d'un vendeur de drogues à Atlanta.
Ils mouraient de faim, étaient traumatisés et souffraient d'infections bactériennes.
Depuis, ils ont été conduits au Sanctuaire des animaux L'Arche de Noé.
... où ils ont vécu ensemble dans le même habitat durant 13 ans.
Il n'ont été séparés qu'une seule fois quand BALOO a dû être opéré.
Chez le vendeur de drogues, il avait été tellement maltraité
que le harnais lui avait transpercé la peau.
Les deux félins étaient si désemparés qu'ils ont pleuré jusqu'au retour de BALOO;
depuis, ils n'ont plus jamais été séparés.
Ils se sont clairement liés en très bas âge et n'ont jamais voulu être séparés.
Ils vivent maintenant ensemble comme s'ils étaient de la même race.
Ils jouent ensemble, se blottissent l'un contre l'autre et sont très affectueux.
Ce trio est le seul exemple «ours-lion-tigre» cohabitant dans le monde.
Ils sont réellement exceptionnels.
Les humains pourraient tirer des leçons sur le lien qui les unit.
Personne ne leur a dit qu'ils ne pouvaient pas s'aimer, alors ils l'ont fait.
Encore aujourd'hui, après toutes ces années, ils continuent de le faire.
On les appelle affectueusement les BLT...
pour Bear-Lion-Tigre