Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Powerful story of the Israeli fly over of the Nazi camps and what G-d has for you..

Change It or Accept It

Matters leading to sadness fall into two categories: matters that can be corrected and matters that cannot.

If something can be done to correct a situation, why feel sad? Simply take action to correct the matter!

On the other hand, if nothing can be done, what gain is there in feeling sad? Sadness will not improve matters. It is wiser to accept

Love Yehuda Lave

Watch this about G-d's love for each person



Powerful and worth watching. A story well told. Last night we saw the Nancy Spielberg film "Above and Beyond", the powerful story of how volunteer's from around the world saved Israel from destruction by the skin of her teeth. Anyone with doubts about whether G-d still does miricales should see that film. On the same vein, the film below, running about the same time shows the miracle of how we survived although the world would just as soon see us dead. Wake up and smell the coffee as nothing has changed!











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