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New York slide show by Frank Sinatra and important life facts

Use Sadness to Help Others

Sadness has a value in that when we are sad, we can learn to appreciate the suffering of others. This will motivate us to help them. Our own emotional experience will motivate us more than if we merely have an "intellectual knowledge" of the obligation to help.

Love Yehuda Lave

New York by Frank Sinatra

 Nine important facts to remember:

Number 9  -  Death is the number 1 killer in the world.


Number 8  -  Life is sexually transmitted.


Number 7  -  Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.


Number 6  -  Men have two emotions: hungry and h---y, and they can't tell them apart.   If you see a gleam in his eyes, make him a sandwich.


Number 5  -  Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day.  Teach a person to use the Internet and they won't bother you for weeks, months, maybe years.


Number 4  -  Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in the hospital, dying of nothing.


Number 3  -  All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.


Number 2  -  In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird, and people take Prozac to make it normal.


Number 1  -  Life is like a jar of jalapeno peppers:  What you do today might burn your rear end tomorrow.


...and as someone recently said to me:


Don't worry about old age; it doesn't last that long.

How children perceive their grand-parents

1.  She was in the bathroom, putting on her makeup, under the watchful eyes of her young granddaughter, as she'd done many times before.   After she applied her lipstick and started to leave, the little one said, "But Grandma, you forgot to kiss the toilet paper good-bye!"  I will probably never put lipstick on again without thinking about kissing the toilet paper good-bye.


2.  My young grandson called the other day to wish me Happy Birthday.  He asked me how old I was, and I told him, "80".  My grandson was quiet for a moment, and then he asked, "Did you start at 1?" 

3.  After putting her grandchildren to bed, a grandmother changed into old slacks and a droopy blouse and proceeded to wash her hair.  As she heard the children getting more and more rambunctious, her patience grew thin.  Finally, she threw a towel around her head and stormed into their room, putting them back to bed with stern warnings.  As she left the room, she heard the three-year-old say with a trembling voice,
"Who was THAT?"

4.  A grandmother was telling her little granddaughter what her own childhood was like.  "We used to skate outside on a pond.  I had a swing made from a tire; it hung from a tree in our front yard.  We rode our pony. We picked wild raspberries in the woods."
The little girl was wide-eyed, taking all this in.  At last she said, "I sure wish I'd gotten to know you sooner!"

5.  My grandson was visiting one day when he asked, "Grandma, do you know how you and God are alike?"  I mentally polished my halo and replied, "No, how are we alike?''  "You're both old," he replied.

6.  A little girl was diligently pounding away on her grandfather's word processor.  She told him she was writing a story. 
"What's it about?", he asked. 
"I don't know", she replied.  "I can't read."

7.  I didn't know if my granddaughter had learned her colors yet, so I decided to test her.  I would point out something and ask what color it was.  She would tell me and was always correct.  It was fun for me, so I continued.  At last, she headed for the door, saying, "Grandma, I think you should try to figure out some of these colors yourself!"

8.  When my grandson Billy and I entered our vacation cabin, we kept the lights off until we were inside to avoid attracting pesky insects.  Still, a few fireflies followed us in.  Noticing them before I did, Billy whispered, "It's no use Grandpa.  Now the mosquitoes are coming after us with flashlights."

9. When my grandson asked me how old I was, I teasingly replied, "I'm not sure."

"Look in your underwear, Grandpa", he advised ... .. . "Mine says I'm 4 to 6." 

10.  A second grader came home from school and said to her grandmother, "Grandma, guess what?  We learned how to make babies today."  The grandmother, more than a little surprised, tried to keep her cool.  "That's interesting." she said . . . "How do you make babies?" 
"It's simple", replied the girl.  "You just change 'y' to 'i' and add 'es'."

11.  Children's Logic: "Give me a sentence about a public servant", said a teacher.  The small boy wrote: "The fireman came down the ladder, pregnant." The teacher took the lad aside to correct him.  "Don't you know what pregnant means?", she asked.
"Sure", replied the young boy confidently.  'It means carrying a child."

12.  A grandfather was delivering his grandchildren to their home one day when a fire truck zoomed past. Sitting in the front seat of the fire truck was a Dalmatian dog.  The children started discussing the dog's duties.
"They use him to keep crowds back", said one child.
"No", said another.  "He's just for good luck."
A third child brought the argument to a close.  "You're both wrong . . . They use the dogs", she said firmly, "to find the fire hydrants."

13.  A 6-year-old was asked where his grandma lived.  "Oh," he said, "she lives at the airport, and when we want her, we just go get her.  Then, when we're done having her visit, we take her back to the airport."

14.  Grandpa is the smartest man on earth!  He teaches me good things, but I don't get to see him enough to get as smart as him!

15.  My Grandparents are funny.  When they bend over, you hear gas leaks and they blame their dog.

Netanyahu Visits Grave of his Entebbe Hero Brother

Published: April 18th, 2015

Sara and Prime Minister Netanyahu at his brother Yoni's grave Saturday night.

Sara and Prime Minister Netanyahu at his brother Yoni's grave Saturday night.
Photo Credit: Office of Prime Minister

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara visited on Saturday night the grave of Yoni Netanyahu, the leader and lone IDF casualty in the rescue mission at Entebbe in 1976.

They visited the grave at the Mt. Herzl Cemetery at night instead of on Remembrance Day for the Fallen of Israel's Wars this week so that bereaved families would not have to face a long wait because of security measures.