Sunday, April 26, 2015

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Update Your Understanding

The Sages (Talmud, Yoma 29a) tell us that it is more difficult to understand an idea we already know than one that is new to us. This is because we feel we already understand it and do not concentrate on it as much as we should. Also, we tend to rely on the level of understanding we had when we were younger and less mature.

Today, think about a concept that would enhance your life greatly if internalized and integrated. Reflect on that idea with your present knowledge and life experience.

Love Yehuda Lave

This is a follow up to last week's post about the young Jewish lady who saved a whole plane.
Fiction predicts truth (and sometimes the other way around), when a young Jewish William Shatner appeared on the Twilight Zone many years ago:

Here's a summary of a similar incident involving Captain Kirk before he became Starfleet Commander:

Watch "Shatner v The Gremlin -- Two Minute Twilight Zone Project --  Nightmare at 20,000 feet" on YouTube

Now to a different movie subject.
This movie with the short below will play here in Israel On Tuesday at the Beth Am Center


This short video holds the key to Israel's survival as a nation back in May 1948. The Arab nations were within 10 miles of Tel Aviv, with a 10,000 man force, ready to totally destroy the new country of Israel.  All that stood in the way were four Messerschmitt BF-109's left behind by the Nazis in the Czech Republic, hurriedly assembled in hangars and never test flown, and piloted by volunteer American (Jewish) pilots. I can't wait to see the documentary.


THIS IS A TRUE STORY, NOT KNOWN BY MANY . The only FOUR (4) Airplanes Israel had when the War of Independence (May 1948) began were smuggled in from Czech Republic. They were German Messerschmitt BF-109's.  They were assembled overnight in Tel Aviv and were never flight tested.This is a short video about their pilots. Watch it. You will not be disappointed.

Watch these amazing Pictures of Nature taking back abandoned properties