Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The computer swallowed Grandma and Yavne Yeshiva and Kibbutz

Yavna the Yeshiva and the Kibbutz


Have Courage to Change

Whenever we have repeated a pattern many times, it is difficult to change. But all patterns ultimately can in fact be changed. It is a question of having a clear goal - and then being motivated to take action.

It is easier to change patterns when two parties are willing to work together. If you are the only one, it takes more strength, more courage, and more resilience. That's why cooperation is essential in a marriage.

The Almighty leads a person on the path on which he wants to go. May He give you the wisdom to make the right decisions and choices, and the wisdom to know when to open your mouth.

Love Yehuda Lave

Battery powered rocket powerful enough to blast satellites into orbit

Rocket Lab, which is based in Los Angeles and has a launch site in New Zealand, will charge $5m per launch for its electric electron rocket.

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16 April 2015

US Navy's drone CANNON can shoot 30 swarm bots in under a minute

The US Navy says its system will be able to launch a 30 drone 'swarm' in under a minute. The can work together to attack or defend sites, helping sailors and marines.

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16 April 2015


These pictures were taken in 2010.
The earth looks so peaceful from a distance .....