Friday, July 10, 2015

Bored Engineers--great fun to watch and Rabbi Riskin

  Love Criticism

Work on developing a love for accepting criticism. When you have a sincere desire to grow and develop, you will appreciate the opportunities that arise for further growth and development.

Criticism expressed with profound love and concern is easier to handle than criticism expressed with anger or condescension. But if what is said to you is beneficial for you, accept it regardless of how it is said.

It is like trial and error on the Rube Goldberg machine below

Love Yehuda Lave




This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine




How wolves changed the Rivers in Yellowstone National Park


'Dog translator' harness lets owners communicate with canines

The sensor-packed harness can sense the animal's movement, and the sounds it makes, letting the owner know how they feel.

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7 July 2015

The Future is Here: A Touch-Screen Bullet-Resistant Windshield
The OSG Company is developing a bullet-resistant windshield that can enhance crew safety and upgrade the vehicle's operational performance. Exclusive interview
Ami Rojkes Dombe | 7/07/2015

The OSG Company of Kibbutz Palmach Zova has started manufacturing a bullet-resistant windshield with a touch screen embedded in it. "It is a cassette-like device inserted between the safety glass layers. The screen is connected to the vehicle's multimedia system, so it may be used to display maps, live feeds from the day or night vision cameras mounted on the vehicle, and other video options," explains Daniel Cohen, OSG CEO and a member of Kibbutz Palmach Zova.

Russia's 'superweapon' can switch off satellites and enemy weapons

Its Russian makers say it is a 'fundamentally new electronic warfare system' - but has refused to reveal how the Krasuha-4 system works.

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6 July 2015

Rabbi Riskin: Reform or Orthodox, We Must Embrace Every Jew

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin slams Shas minister for remarks against Reform Jews, asserts 'we can only bring people closer to Torah through love.'
By Eliran Aharon

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First Publish: 7/8/2015, 10:07 PM

Chief Rabbi of Efrat, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, spoke with Arutz Sheva on Wednesday amid outrage over Religious Services Minister David Azoulay's (Shas) recent comments on Reform Jewry

"First of all, I want to believe that he never said it," the obviously troubled Riskin began. 

"I don't know any rishon, any posek, who would claim that if you don't keep mitzvot l'halutin [completely] you are not Jewish. That's not the definition of Judaism and it's never been the definition of Judaism."

Riskin also condemned the hypocrisy of Azoulay's statements, asserting that "too many" Torah-abiding Jews "either end up in jail or in trouble" because they are more concerned with keeping the commandments then how they behave to their fellow man. 

Asked what Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's response should be, Riskin argued the Prime Minister should correct the "terrible mistake" he made by granting the haredi parties so much power in his government. 

"Netanyahu must re-think the fact that he sold the store of Religious Zionism away to the haredim. That's the real difficulty, because the Judaism that sometimes is not the Judaism of sanctifying God's name."

While Riskin added his commitment to the Chief Rabbinate and the state religion "speaking in favor of the totality of the tradition...which is Orthodoxy," he stressed that "I don't believe an individual's religious practices ought to be coerced."

"We believe proudly in Orthodoxy and we have to teach who we are rather than knock on who the other happens to be," he concluded.