Friday, January 28, 2011

Amazing GPS will find YOU in seconds and Peace of Mind

Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind is one of the greatest pleasures a person can have. Conversely, lack of peace of mind can make one's life constant torture.

A person who has mastered peace of mind has gained everything. To obtain peace of mind, you need to be at peace with your emotions and desires. And you need to be at peace with your Creator."

Love Yehuda



     This is scary!!!

Subject: Amazing GPS will FIND YOU!


It found me in 10 seconds.  It's amazing.  Must have been devised by the guys out at Lockheed in California .
Give this a try. It's truly amazing. It will give your location immediately! 
Check out the link below. I was shocked to find EXACTLY where I am right now on Google Earth... NOT a house or street but where I AM right now! It's really unbelievable! I was surprised to know such a system exists. It is a GPS and will find the exact location of any Internet user in a second, using a sophisticated algorithm to do so.


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