Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Focus on Your Spouses Virtues and Victor Molev

Focus on Your Spouses Virtues

Keep focusing on the virtues of the person to whom you are married.

This simple idea can easily save people much heartache and strife in their marriage. When you see the good in someone, it is much easier to tolerate the traits you find negative.Believe me, everyone has negative traits, including me and you. 

When you are frustrated with your spouse and want to trade him/her in for another, remember the next one will have different negative traits that will drive you crazy as well. Remember by focusing on her/his good qualities you can learn to tolerate the negative traits and you can remember that life has bad and good.

Love Yehuda

Enjoy the art from Victor Molev, but my sensitive friends remember it is modern art, and some is not modest.

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