Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mozart Like you have likely never heard before! and Expand your sense of self

Expand your Sense of Self

This weekend I went to a spiritual growth seminar with a learned scholar from New York whose name is Yosef Bechhofer.  We reviewed many spiritual principles, but what I took from it was to remind ourselves that every moment our job is to emulate G-d.  Now G-d has no body, form, or bank account. So how do we emulate him?  The answer is we emulate his actions, which are to do good and fix the world.

The more directly you can work at a job that influences peoples lives, the more directly you have a chance to do good. I choose to return to my field of expertise, "Saving people tax dollars without going to jail," because the most direct influence one can have on people is saving their money, so that they can do more charitable actions with it (or spend it on themselves).

We also learned that the bigger you define your self (instead of just you, move up to include your family, your community, your city, your country, the whole world), the greater your ability to do good.

It is always nice ot be able to have confirmation for your thoughts and actions.

Love Yehuda

Courage and Humility

Humility makes it easier to have courage. Humility frees you from worrying about how others perceive you. You have less of a need to make a good impression on people, so you are more open to learn new things. You don't mind if people see you as imperfect, or that you are not as skilled or talented as you would like to be.

An arrogant or conceited person always needs to appear to be perfect, to be highly skilled and talented. This creates tension and anxiety. The truly humble person is calmer and more relaxed.

 Mozart Like you have likely never heard before!

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