Sunday, January 2, 2011

Things You may never see again ......and William Faulkner

Bring a Smile to Our Planet

Imagine how wonderful our planet would be if each person on it would greet everyone with a smile. That means that wherever you go you would be met with a smile. Be part of the "Bring a smile to our planet" project. To become a member of this project, you don't need to spend any money or fill out any forms. All you need to do is smile. Then watch the faces of those at whom you smile. Reinforce the smiles of others by telling them, "I appreciate your smiles," or, "You look great when you smile." By reinforcing this person's smiling, you will set in motion a chain of smiles. The recipients of this person's smiles will smile to more people, and those people will smile to even more people. You will be increasing the total amount of smiles on our planet. And that's something we need a lot more of.

Think of someone who doesn't smile very often. Then sensitively think of a way to bring a smile to that person's face in a way that will be appreciated.

"Unless you're ashamed of yourself now and then, you're not honest."
--William Faulkner,
American novelist

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Beautiful Snow Moose 
You probably won't see this again in your life time!    Be sure to show this to your children or grandchildren...


These animals  were  photographed just north of the Wisconsin border on  a highway  near Marenisco , MI ...   
Once in  awhile there is  an opportunity to take in a piece  of nature that you may never see. In these days of unrest and turmoil it is great to see that GOD still produces some wondrous beauty.   


The odds of seeing an albino moose are astronomical and to see this in the upper peninsula of Michigan , near Wisconsin , is even greater than astronomical. To see two of them together is nearly impossible.  

We wanted to share these photos with as many people as possible because you will probably never have a chance to see this rare sight again. 

This is a really special treat, so enjoy the shots of a lifetime




Too cute not to share!



It's ALWAYS the kids that suffer.

His name is Zonkey




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