Thursday, January 27, 2011

Electronic Pick-pocketing, short film by Shantal Reich and Apply what you know!!

Apply What You Know

Throughout your life, people have been giving you advice.

Recall the best advice you've ever received, and you will be able to benefit even more from that advice.

Right now, think of some wise advice that you have not yet applied to the degree that you could. Be resolved to apply that advice in the near future.

Love Yehuda

  Below is a short film by a daughter of my friend Scott. Shantal, his daughter, is a young film student just out of high school and has made this interesting short film. Enjoy.

Expand the description - read the lyrics (also by Shantal)

Below is a clip about the new dangers of a credit card that has the bleep motto on the back that broadcasts its number

I got rid of my Card with the broadcast on it.. Recommend you do the same.  The companies are aware of this and if you ask for a different card they will send it to you.

Love Yehuda


Please be  careful ! Thief can now steal via another new media  !!
Today's technology  has evolved in the creation and development of  devices that can be detrimental to one's  security.

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