Sunday, January 16, 2011

Understanding Southern with Bill Cosby and Do things that are difficult for you and the Road to Hanna

Do Things Daily That Are Difficult For You To Do

Each and every day, say or do at least one thing that you find difficult to say or do.

Every time you say something that is difficult for you to say, you build up your self-image: "I am a person who can speak up and say things even thought I find them difficult to say."

Every time you do something difficult, you build up your self-image: "I am a person who can do things even though they are difficult for me to do."

This is a highly empowering self-image booster. This way you will keep saying and doing things that you need to say and do, and you won't be stopped by the thoughts of, "I find it difficult to say or do, so I won't say or do it."

Love Yehuda

Taking my own  advice on a day that people advised against it, we took the road less traveled and went on the Road to Hanna.  True Hawaii. Part one, Day Three, Part Two tomorrow, even though we are back already. (G-d willing)

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