Monday, January 3, 2011

Get Out and Enjoy Nature and if Someone Else Can Do It, I can Do It, Too

If Someone Else Can Do It, I Can Do It, Too

We might think that we won't be able to do or accomplish something. But seeing that someone else can do it tells us, "If this person can accomplish that, I will be able to do it also."

The Sages (Pirkei Avos 4:1-ethics of the Fathers) define a wise person as someone who learns from every person. Develop the habit of interviewing people you meet to find out exactly how they learned to do what you would like to learn to do. What are the thoughts that go through their mind? What are the actions they take? What are their attitudes and mindsets? What are the mental pictures they see? What are the books they read? What are the classes and recordings they heard?

When I was a boy I used to soak up people that I would meet and mirror and copy them to learn what they knew.  I then was able to apply it to real life. When I became a man and went into a new area of business or law, I would hire an older person with experience in the new area. I would learn the new area and sometimes do better than my teacher.

Now that I am an adult, I see new areas and I have confidence that I can use my past experience to learn the new area..An old dog can learn new tricks if the dog wants to.

Now in repayment to what others taught me, I now teach my new young assistants what I know so that continue to helping my clients and friends as I age and make sure that they will get the benefit of my experience and their youth.

Love Yehuda

I just love the critters.

Don't just sit around the house...
Get out and enjoy nature.       

















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