Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Moon around the world....Absolutely Breathtaking...and getting what you want

A friend went to a tailor in Singapore to make a suit. He asked me, "What would you like?" he told him, "a double-breasted suit." The tailor advised, "you'd look better in a single-breasted suit." he then told him that I didn't need back pockets in the pants or a buttonhole in the lapel. He responded, "You never know when you'll need back pockets; you should have them anyway. The same for the buttonhole in the lapel; you never know when you'll want to wear a flower or a pin." Then I
he  directed him that he didn't want cuffs on the pants. The Tailor countered, "No, cuffs are more formal; it'll look a lot better with cuffs!" At this point he was feeling a bit frustrated, so he asked him, "What do you think is the biggest advantage of getting a suit tailor-made in Singapore? And the tailor joyously responded -without batting an eyelash - "You can get whatever you want!" True story!

In life one doesn't always get what he wants (he did get everything  he wanted with the suit - though he agreed the single-breasted would be a better style for him).

I love watching kids. They generally are happy and smiling. They run from place to place; they don't walk. When do we lose that enthusiasm for life, the joy of life? Is it the responsibilities of life? The difficulties? The expectations and disappointments? Yet, there are adults who have that enthusiasm, the joy, the energy for life. What can we do to strengthen ourselves in this area - or get back the joy, energy and enthusiasm for life?

The key is being able to control one's emotional states. A key element in the quality of one's life is the mental and emotional states that he experiences.

Love Yehuda
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