Friday, January 21, 2011

The Future of Transportation and Strategic Humility

Strategic Humility

There is a very powerful tool that will enable you to overcome many potential quarrels. This is the art of knowing how to act with "strategic humility" when a needless quarrel might arise. By being willing to forgo illusory honor and speaking to someone from a humble position, you will be able to soften a heart made of stone. Your opponent's heart will melt in the face of your warmth when you act in a humble manner.

Even if you think you are losing by acting humbly, actually you lose absolutely nothing in a spiritual sense. Outwardly you are complying with the wishes of another person, but inwardly your spiritual level is not affected.

Love Yehuda

The future of transportation may not be high speed rail, but automated personal vehicles that will drive themselves.  They will be mush faster, safer and more fuel efficient than current vehicles because they will be driven by computers. 

What is important is that they will pick you up from your home or office and deliver you to your destination.  With a train or bus system you must first get to the train station or bus stop, then ride the train to another train station or bus stop then take some sort of other transportation to your destination. 

The time savings alone will make this form of transportation more cost effective and faster (point to point) than high speed rail.  But imagine being able to ride in you personal vehicle with all the conveniences and luxury you can afford and not have to contend with the unwashed masses.

The Google car is the first example of this:

New Google Car

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