Wednesday, February 18, 2015

31 Clever Innovations and why most "Jews" vote leftist and wish it were so

Wish It Was So

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could have all your wishes fulfilled? We assume that if a person's big wishes come true, then happiness will be a cinch. Not necessarily so. Even if a wish is fulfilled, it could be disappointing. I remember hearing a story about an entire city where everyone was blessed that one wish of theirs would be fulfilled. Most of the people wished to win the large city's lottery. And they all chose the winning number. Since the grand prize was going to be divided among all those who made the correct choice, they had to divide the large amount of money between a large amount of people. The actual amount won was therefore only a few dollars each.

A great Chasidic master once gave this formula for having your wishes met. "If things don't go the way you wish, wish them to go the way they are," advised Rabbi Mordechai of Lechivitz. Of course the Ethics of the Fathers teaches that who is wealthy or happy? Someone who is happy with what they have.

Spiritually, what is best for you is what is. Therefore if you were able to see all of reality, you would really wish for exactly what is best for you, which is your actual experiences. This is why the 10th commandment teaches not to covert someone else's possessions. The G-d of all peoples (yes we have one G-d for Jews and the rest of the world), has a system that is right for only you.

Love Yehuda Lave

First Clever Innovation

UConn researchers designed an interactive media wall for the lobby of Boston Children's Hospital. It is a place where physically and emotionally challenged children can take control of the visual space around them. Experts in digital media, child psychology, human behavior, and several disciplines of computer science and engineering contributed to the development of the installation.

Subject: 30 More Clever Innovations ...

Movie theaters with screens in the bathroom so you don't miss anything.



Even better if the theater has bean bag seats.


Traffic lights with countdown indicators.


A pen that lets you scan and write in any color.


A bike helmet that folds up.


Wall outlets with USB chargers.


It should also come with a built-in night light.


And the ultimate outlet would also have extension cords built into the wall.


Small tiles you can attach to your keys, wallet, computer, or pretty much anything.

If you lose anything, you can then look up their location on your smartphone.


Fresh pizza vending machines.


Benches that you can turn to always have a dry seat.


Power strips that you can expand and rotate.


Mug that catches any drips.


Parking garages with lights showing open spaces.


Stairs with slides.

upermarkets with build your own 12-packs of soda.

How to stop littering.


Where was this when I was in school?


Device that charges your phone from hot or cold drinks.


Or this solar powered charger.


Water fountains with built-in water bottle filling station.


Subways where you can pay by recycling.


Device to lift the Pringles up.


A fun way to clean.


A hair brush that is easy to clean.


Earbuds that won't tangle.


USB rechargeable batteries.


Packing tape that is easy to open.


Bike racks that don't take up sidewalk space.


Caution signs that are funny.


Pizza carriers.

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