Monday, February 9, 2015

Sausage Saturdays at Costco

what is so funny about this is that of course this is how we get meat...we just don't kill it in front of us. The disconnect between what we eat and how it gets to the table is part of how humans survive. See the funny but insightful  clip below.


When Asked To Help 

Some people prefer to do favors for others only when they voluntarily choose to do so. But when they are asked, they may consider it a burden.

The benefit of being asked by another person is knowing for certain what this person's needs actually are.

And there is even a way to fulfill this person's request voluntarily. How? By doing more than you were originally asked to do!

When I choose this piece, I didn't know how true it was. I asked a friend to help with a project and I overstepped how much I asked him to do. I didn't purposely overstep, but it was on of my vices that I am working on.

Love Yehuda Lave



Subject:  Sausage Saturdays at Costco

Costco has the freshest meat………Gotta be one of the best ever !


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