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Largest Salt Flat in the World...and 8 ways to calm children down during violence

Cut Worrying Down to Size

Rabbi Leib Dimiles, a wealthy businessman, was also a righteous Torah scholar. Upon receiving news that all his money was lost, he calmly returned to his studies. His wife was shocked: "How can you remain calm in the face of such misfortune?"

Rabbi Leib replied, "Fortunately I have a very quick mind. The amount of worrying that would take someone else a year, I can worry about in a few seconds."

And of course the famous joke. A guy says to another, "I will give you $1,000 to do my worrying for me". Ok, says the other, "Where is the $1,000?". The reply, "That's your first worry."

Love Yehuda Lave

Netanyahu Answers the Big Lies Against Israel

Bibi lays out the Ten Big Lies told about Israel and gives the Ten Straight Truths about Israel.
Published: October 21st, 2015
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PM Netanyahu at the UN

PM Netanyahu at the UN
Photo Credit: vi Ohayon/GPO

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the opportunity during his speech to the 37th World Zionist Congress, to speak from his Zionist heart to the hearts of Zionists everywhere

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Parental Advice

ילד בן ילדים ילד עצוב ילד בודד ביטחון עצמי בדידות
ילד בן ילדים ילד עצוב ילד בודד ביטחון עצמי בדידות 
How to allay your child's fears (Photo: Shutterstock)
How to allay your child's fears (Photo: Shutterstock) 
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8 ways to calm children during the wave of violence

Parents must allow their children express their fears, and speak openly with them; From not being afraid of fear to sharing ways you yourself coped with such tensions in the past, here are some helpful tips.

Ravit Gutman

Published: 10.13.15, 00:12 / Israel News

We have once again entered a period of stressful and difficult feelings. Every stabbing pierces freedom of movement and action. Our children, especially adolescent ones, feel a sense of helplessness. They are being robbed of their freedom.




Our cellphones warn us about every new incident, we talk to our colleagues, in line at the supermarket, and with the delivery guy - "So have you heard? Another one."


We calm tensions by interacting with strangers. All Israelis are friends in these times.


But we are also parents. Our parental role only intensifies at these moments.


How to allay your child's fears (Photo: Shutterstock)
How to allay your child's fears (Photo: Shutterstock)


The wave of targeted attacks have caught children and adolescents off guard. Sirens still echo in their ears occasionally when a motorcycle passes from far away. It's only a motorcycle, we tell them to calm them down. Another painful reminder of Operation Protective Edge.


If during Operative Protective Edge we said that the Iron Dome anti-missile system was the great consolation of the 2000s, what will we tell them today? What might allay their fears? Calm their anxiety? How can we answer their question: What are the chances the next stabbing gets to us?


8 tips to calm children:


1. Do not be afraid of fear


If our children were not worried or afraid, we could think that something is not right. After all, a school test makes their heart beat faster, so a fear of targeted and unexpected attacks definitely makes sense. And therefore we need to tell the child: "It's okay to be afraid, it is natural and logical."


2. There is something to fear


When we tell a child "you have nothing to be afraid of," he or she could feel lonely misunderstood. That feeling in itself may be a cause of concern and anxiety.


3. No promises without foundation


You should avoid promises without a firm foundation, such as "there is no chance it will happen here," can any one of us guarantee that? Or saying "do not worry, it is far from us." If we are wrong and lose credibility, how will the kids learn to trust us?


4. Talk, talk, talk


Everyone has different ways of coping with worries. There are those who do not stop asking questions and it is important for them to listen to the news often and all they want is to understand more and speak more. Our way of coping helps us overcome paralysis. Let them express themselves. Do not shush them.


5. What they don't know can't hurt them - really?


We can choose not to expose our children inside the home, but they will be exposed to it outside, from friends, from school and from the omnipresent digital devices. It is better for them to hear of it from us, in a controlled manner.


6. Shared reading or watching of the news


Watching the news together accompanied by explanations transmits that we are all in the same boat. Togetherness is stronger than being alone.


7. Try to get into their shoes


This is important, especially as the youth in this period of their lives are testing their independence, freedom of movement and are concentrated on themselves and their needs. A sense of lack of control and the idea of a surprise targeted attack reduces these.


Teenagers are flooding WhatsApp with statements that express great concern. They are afraid to take their familiar train or bus to their regular activities. Your teenagers need you just as much as your small children do.


They need to hear that it is important to maintain routine, that together it is possible to think about how they can get around safely – by bicycle instead of by bus, a parents' car pool, alertness, looking up from their cellphone while walking down the street or waiting at the station and other ideas that may help them cope and increase their sense of control of their lives.


8. Share


Tell them about yourself when you were their age, at the time of terrible attacks: How you dealt with them, what you thought about the situation and what was then necessary for you and helped you to overcome your fears.

This place sounds like an intriguing place to visit.
But, alas, I'm on a salt-free diet!! 

If you are looking for an exotic place to visit?...
     The Largest Salt Flat in the World

The Salar de Uyuni is the world's largest salt flat at 10,582 square kilometers (4,086 sq mi) and it's a major tourist destination in the South American country of Bolivia.  The Salar is virtually devoid of any wildlife or vegetation, but it is home to an estimated 10 billion tons of salt.

Palacio de Sal
But what is no less incredible, is where people who visit this amazing place stay, and how does one build something in the middle of the vast emptiness?
The answer is quite remarkable.

Palacio de Sal
Anyone arriving to visit this exotic part of the world is in for a real treat anda stay in one of the world's most unique hotel experiences. Due to a lack of conventional construction materials in this area, many of the hotels here are built entirely with salt blocks cut  most famous one is called Palacio de Sal, Spanish for "Palace of salt".
Palacio de Sal
Palacio de Sal
The hotel is made of about 1 million 35-cm (14-inch) saltblocks, which wereused for the floor, walls, ceiling and furniture,including the beds, tables, chairs and sculptures.  The hotel even has a dry sauna and a steam room, a saltwater pool and whirlpool baths for guests to relax in and fully enjoy this unreal place.

Palacio de Sal
Palacio de Sal
Palacio de Sal
Palacio de Sal
Palacio de Sal
Palacio de Sal
Palacio de Sal
Palacio de Sal
Imagine what it feels like, sleeping on salt beds, sitting on salt chairs and
even eating at salt tables.  And while no one can deny how beautiful everything in this hotel is, that beauty is nothing compared to the view…

Palacio de Sal
Palacio de Sal

Palacio de Sal
Palacio de Sal
Palacio de Sal
Palacio de Sal
The salt flats are so white and clear they often show a perfect reflection of the sky and the objects above them. In fact, because the Salar is so flat and has such a strong reflection, similar to that of ice sheets, it is used for calibrating the distance measurement equipment of satellites in space!
The white, endless flats also offer visitors a unique opportunity to take sometruly mind-bending pictures. With no other objects in sight, the human eye loses its ability to establish a proper field of depth.  The results are some of the most creative and bizarre pictures you will ever see…

Palacio de Sal
Palacio de Sal
The Salar is truly a place like no other, a magical kingdom of salt and beauty where one can drive on the endless flats and see the sky both above and below him.  It is just one of many places on earth that prove that beauty has no rules.


Speaking of Violence here is a little piece from someone on our side:

Dear Arabs

Dear Arabs,

The truth is we aren't writing this for you, because you probably aren't listening. But these things need to be said.

We are not going to lecture you about how the Jewish people are the original inhabitants of the land and you are newcomers, colonialists even. All that is true, but we don't want to argue theoretically. We want to talk tachlis (you've been here long enough to know what that means).

You have been sold a false bill of goods by your leaders, who have grown fat over the years by maintaining the fiction that you are going to throw us out of the Land of Israel. They've been handsomely paid by anti-Zionists everywhere, from Hitler to the KGB to the Saudis to the Iranian regime to George Soros to the EU to Barack Obama.

You are not going to throw us out.

First of all, there are more of us. There is an absolute majority of Jews living between the Jordan and the Mediterranean, even if we use your inflated population figures and even if we count Gaza. We are not the French colonists in Algeria or the Crusaders. Our birthrate is high and increasing, and yours is decreasing. Jews are moving here from the rest of the world, and Arabs are leaving.

Second, there is no place for us to go. The roughly 50% of our population that is descended from Jewish refugees from Arab countries are not going back to Syria, Iraq, Egypt, etc. (so much, by the way, for calling us 'European colonialists'). Ethiopian Jews can't go back to Ethiopia. And nobody else is going anywhere.

Third, we have a deep religious connection to the land. Our bible is a story about the relationship between God, the Jewish people, and the Land of Israel. The har habayit is the location of our holy temples, and our patriarchs are buried here (even if you set fire to their tombs). Don't tell me about Mohammed's horse.

Fourth (and this is important, pay attention), if you try to hurt us, you are going to die. This isn't the way we want to be, but this is what necessity demands. This is what we have finally learned from our history.

Think for yourselves for once. Don't listen to Mahmoud Abbas, Ismail Haniyeh or Raed Saleh. Especially don't trust the Jewish traitors like those who write in Ha'aretz or who are on the payroll of Soros, Obama or the EU. They care even less for Arabs than your billionaire leaders do.

Before you take a knife or an ax and go out to kill a Jew, think about this: you will die and it won't bring your objective even a little bit closer.

We don't want to kill you, expel you, or humiliate you. We would be happy to live peacefully as neighbors. But we are prepared to fight for our land.

This is the state of the Jewish people in its historic homeland and Jerusalem is its capital. We insist on maintaining our sovereignty here. If you can't deal with this, move. Go to Jordan (the original 'Palestinian' state), to Europe, South America, Australia, the United States. But we are not going anywhere.

The Jewish people in the Land of Israel

How To Deal With The Arab Violence

Published: October 22nd, 2015
Latest update: October 21st, 2015

MK Moshe-Feiglin

MK Moshe Feiglin

The new Arab murderer was born after the handshakes – the handshakes of Rabin and Netanyahu with Yasir Arafat, the head of the PLO (the Organization to Liberate the Land of Israel from the Jews).

For his entire life, the new Arab murderer has heard from Israel that the Land is his and that we are nothing more than occupiers who will soon be moving on. The new Arab murderer thus does not need an organization to ignite him. Israel has been igniting him from the day he was born.

In 1967, during the Six-Day War of miracles, it took the IDF a day and a half to capture the entire Gaza Strip from the Egyptian army. In the summer of 2014, Gaza terrorized Israel, including Tel Aviv – for almost two months. All that Israel's much more powerful army managed to do was to achieve a fragile cease-fire with a small, motley organization of terrorists.

Menachem Begin destroyed the nuclear reactor in Iraq in 1981 with no speech in the UN and with no advance warning. Netanyahu addresses Iran's threats to destroy Israel by making speeches. He has managed to make Iran's aspirations practically legitimate, buttressed with a sly wink of the eye by international accords.

The problem began at Oslo. When Rabin and Netanyahu shook Arafat's hand and accepted in principle that Israel's heartland belongs to the Arabs, they turned themselves (and all of us) into colonialists in a foreign land, occupiers of a land that belongs to others.

If somebody sets up camp in your living room and claims to be the owner of your home, you can call the police, you can yell, or you can push him out the door. But one thing is for sure: If instead of opposing him, you offer him a part of your house, the neighbors will understand that the entire house really belongs to him.

With two cursed handshakes, Rabin and Netanyahu gave the head of the Organization to Liberate the Land of Israel from the Jews – all the Land from all the Jews – the most important weapon of all. They gave him the weapon of justice. Israel today is armed from head to toe with the most advanced and sophisticated weapons. But its mindset does not allow it to defend itself.

In the weeks to come, we will likely see more and more soldiers, more and more roadblocks, more and more severe punishments – more and more carpets being thrown over the glowing embers. As in the past, we may even think for a moment that we have managed to extinguish the fire. But it will always re-ignite for the very simple reason that we are dealing with a new generation of Arabs: intelligent, proud, and armed with the justice that we afforded them.

If the current violence does not dissipate on its own, I do not see how the present government can deal with it. They can clamp down on Judea and Samaria, but imposing a curfew on the Arab villages and towns inside Israel's pre-1967 borders does not seem likely. And even if the government will be forced to impose such a curfew, what will it do about the Arab violence in the mixed cities?


The Solution

  1. Restore Israel's confidence in the justice of its cause. Quickly end the "occupation" and return – mentally – to the Land of Israel as rightful owners.
  2. Immediate nullify the Oslo Accords and eliminate foreign groups that entertain any notion of controlling the area, just as we did in Operation Protective Shield.
  3. Restore Israeli control over all parts of the Land in our hands and declare full sovereignty in all of Judea and Samaria – as we did in the Golan Heights.
  4. The Arabs living in Judea and Samaria must be forced to declare loyalty to the Jewish state or paid to leave the country.
  5. Allocate the entire Land to its owners, the Nation of Israel – particularly all citizens who serve in the army. Allow accelerated construction throughout the Land.
  6. Any nationalist violence will be considered an act of war and the permanent resident status of its perpetrators and those close to them will be revoked.

The time has come for leadership that understands the source of the problem and is capable of dealing with it. The time has come for Zehut.