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An incredible place in China and 101 years ago

Focus On Solutions

What is the most important rule for dealing with problems? I believe it is to keep your main focus on finding solutions. This one piece of advice makes a major difference in every life situation - and especially in marriage.

When the major focus is on the problem, a couple can get into the totally counterproductive argument of, "Whose fault was it?" or, "Even if we are both to blame, who started, or who is more to blame?"

The way a couple discusses a problem can even lead to a bigger problem than the original problem itself! It is much wiser to focus on, "What can we do now to find a solution?"

Love Yehuda Lave

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This will boggle your  mind, I know it did mine!

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The year is  1914  --- One hundred years ago. What a difference a century makes! Here  are some statistics for the Year 1914:

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The average life expectancy for men was 47  years.


Fuel  for this car was sold in drug stores only.


Only  14 percent of the homes had a  bathtub.


Only 8  percent of the homes had a  telephone.


There  were only 8,000 cars and only 144 miles of paved  roads.


maximum speed limit in most cities was 10  mph.

  The tallest structure in the world was the Eiffel  Tower.


The  average US wage in 1910 was 22 cents per  hour.


The  average US worker made between $200 and $400 per year  ...


A  competent accountant could expect to earn $2000 per year,

A dentist $2,500  per year, a veterinarian between $1,500 and $4,000 per year, and a mechanical  engineer about $5,000 per year.


More  than 95 percent of all births took place at home  ..


Ninety  percent of all Doctors had NO COLLEGE EDUCATION!

Instead, they  attended so-called medical schools, many of which

were condemned in the press  AND the government as "substandard."


Sugar  cost four cents a pound.


Eggs  were fourteen cents a dozen.


Coffee  was fifteen cents a pound.


Most  women only washed their hair once a month, and used Borax or egg yolks for  shampoo.


Canada  passed a law that prohibited poor people from entering into their country for  any reason.


The  Five leading causes of death were:


1.  Pneumonia and influenza

2. Tuberculosis

3. Diarrhea

4. Heart  disease

5. Stroke


The  American flag had 45 stars...


The  population of Las Vegas , Nevada , was only  30!!!


Crossword puzzles, canned beer, and iced tea hadn't been invented  yet.


  There was neither a Mother's Day nor a Father's  Day.


Two  out of every 10 adults couldn't read or write and only 6 percent

of all  Americans had graduated from high  school.


Marijuana, heroin, and morphine were all available over the  counter

at the local corner  drugstores.


Back  then pharmacists said, "Heroin clears the complexion, gives buoyancy to the  mind, Regulates the stomach and bowels, and is, in fact, a perfect guardian of  health!" ( Shocking? )



Eighteen percent of households had at least one full-time servant  or domestic help ....


There  were about 230 reported murders in the ENTIRE U.S.A. !


I am  now going to forward this to someone else without typing it  myself.


From  there, it will be sent to others all over the WORLD - all in a matter of  seconds!


Try to imagine what it may be like in another 100  years.


Scary !!

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South-West of Kunming in Yunnan
A place in south west of Kunming , Capital city of Yunnan Province . Because of remoteness and lack of infra structure and lodging etc., this place is not listed in the tourist map of China .

The red land of the eastern river is a place where one almost can not find it in China 's tourist maps. Even if  there is, it has only a few words to introduce it. 
It is located in the southwestern part of KUNMING , 2600 ft. above sea level, a remote area.  Because of its lack of infrastructure, transportation problem, inadequate lodging facilities, ordinary travel agency would not think of going there.  Even the people living there are not so aware or familiar with its existing beauty. 
But for those who have seen the pictures of the Red land , no one can resist being attracted to its beautiful scenery! Just like a painting of a great magnificent landscape.

Because the soil contains such components as oxidized Iron, etc kind of metallic minerals. after a long period of oxidation , gradually added and mixed in the soil that produced this extra-ordinary reddish brown soil.

Here in this place, Mountains and hills , every inch of land are cultivated and planted to the maximum by the inhabitants, Consequently causing unwanted damage to the place... erosion.

Just like Taiwan , How long could this magnificent phenomenon exist? We do not know. That's why there is an advocacy of returning to forestry.

Dongchuan Red Land represents Yunnan mountain valley  most attractive colors.

Excursion is the soul's relaxation and banquet.

Multicolor Waves----five, six kinds of color mountains look like multicolor waves, so magnificent.

Crops on the Red Land such as ; potatoes, oats, corn, oil flower vegetables, Different color crops so arranged ,when looking from afar it seems like God painted them on a cloth so full of gorgeous color.

Each family was distributed with different size and shape of land, Each has its own preference kinds of crops. That caused and produced this beautiful pieces of colors. During harvest time, the soil is shoveled up and makes this unusually red color. 
I like the countryside farms' scenery.


In September , white color oil flowers are in bloom on the whole mountain, It is a pity they covered up the beautiful red color. The best time for sightseeing tour is middle of  November .

The whole mountain is like covering with a beautiful colored cloth. How I wish to lie down enjoying the breeze and looking at the ever-changing clouds in the sky.


Early in the morning, donkey-ridden cart full of harvest transporting to the town, while a few of the children walking toward the different direction to school.
  A melody kind of view.


  Different seasons, different time, different sunlight, produce different kind of colors.


  Just like a mixing colors plate so  bright and splendid.


  "Sunset is so beautiful but it is almost dark" The most dazzling color is before the sun sets.


Rare opportunity to see the burning clouds, I set up my camera and got it.

Bad temper donkey did not want to work with the bull , such uncoordinated working force., This is the first time I saw such kind of farming method and wondered why.


The poorer farmer used horse to take the place of donkey. later I knew that since different kinds of animals had different temperaments, they were used together to control each other. If one of them refused to move, the other one would force it.

That is to increase production. I think such ancient method could only be seen here only.

Good kid helping to harvest vegetables to bring home before sunset.


  Clear sky with a rainbow after the rain.


This hollowed place is the most distinct part of the land. Later , in order to promote tourism it was named
Lexiaguo ( meaning--- the place where beautiful colors set)


A town in Lexiaguo.

Lexiaguo is full of crops that its curves and lines were made so beautiful by the sunlight.


The curve-like crops' lines enhanced more clearly by the red soil.  

In life, sometimes we do not need to ask ourselves so many Why's.