Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Past vs. The Present - Fascinating! and Kay Wilson describes her life and death kidnap

Use Suffering As A Reminder

When some people suffer, they complain about their situation. At the opposite extreme are people who have developed a philosophical attitude toward suffering and do not even feel it. The proper Torah attitude is to utilize suffering as a reminder to improve oneself.

Love Yehuda Lave

Speaking of suffering watch this video and you will appreciate every moment of your life.

Kay Wilson, who miraculously survived an Islamic terrorist Machete attack,  tells her story eloquently and with dignity. Please take 16 minutes to watch this very powerful Ted Talk. It is very worthwhile. This is one video you won't soon forget.




Cure for Melanoma Cancer Developed

See Video....another gift from the agents of Hashem

This web site shows incredible pictures from the past and present

Images of 1944 vs. 2014.  This is an incredible use of technology---like traveling back in time!
Thanks SR...

Left click and hold on each photo, and then click or drag your mouse gently from left to right on the original photograph and it will become a photo
of the exact same location and view today - drag it back to the left and you are back in 1944!  On iPad just slowly move finger left to right on screen.

Scroll down for more of the same.  Just fascinating!