Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Places you have probably never seen - and the Hebrew Charter school in Washington DC

  This Moment is the Ultimate Moment of Your Life Until Now

"This moment is the ultimate moment of my life until now." How can you say this? Because this is the moment that you've been practicing for your entire life. Everything you've ever studied and everything you've ever learned is now stored in your brain. The wisdom of your life experiences has reached its highest point (so far) at this very moment.

This moment is made up of all that you've ever learned and done. All the moments of your life have added up to this very moment. So since this moment is so special, make it really special. How do you do that? With your self-talk. With your thoughts. With the way you draw upon all of your skills and talents and wisdom. With the words and the actions your mind tells you are the best for this moment.

Just consider this moment special, and it is. And this is not only true for this moment. Rather, it is true for every single moment, for as long as you live. The present moment is the culmination of your life until that moment.

At this moment and each moment, you get to choose your thoughts, and your words, and your actions. Make wise choices. Make choices that you will look back on later and say, "I am glad that I made those choices."

Rabbi Kook (Abraham Isaac Kook 1865-1935) said that based upon our Yom Kippur davining that we are created for a particular mission in life and to make it even stronger, you were created at this exact moment of time (since G-d controls time) in order to do your mission or tunic (fixing--Ticun Ulum). Not 20 minutes or 20 years earlier or later. Since that is true you must have made every mistake or right choice to make you who you are at this ultimate moment of your life--NOW!!!!

Love Yehuda Lave

How many of these places have you been to?

Many places on earth we may never see except in pictures    
1. China: The spiral staircase 2. Palace Regaleira - Portugal 3.   Small town of Blagaj - Bosnia and Herzegovina 4.  Merry Cemetery - Romania 5. The small island of Procida - Italy 6.  Popeye Village - Malta
Built as a movie set in 1980 for the film Popeye (Walt Disney).  Today it is open to the public as a museum.
7.  Falls Litlanesfoss - Iceland 8.  Zhangye Danxia Mountains - China 9.  The Cliff Restaurant - Italy 10.  Chand Baori - India 11.  Bishop's Castle - USA A medieval castle built over 40 years by Jim Bishop in the San Isabel Forest (Colorado). Bishop began building it at  age 15. 12.  Salt mine - Russia 13.   Natural pool with white sand - Fervedouro, Brazil 14.  Abandoned medieval village – Craco, Italy 15. To Sua Ocean -  Samoa 16.  The village of Bagan - Burma 17.  The umbrellas of Agueda - Portugal 18.  Lake Natron - Tanzania 19.   Bridge Bastei - Germany 20. The Leshan Giant Buddha - Cliffs of Mount Lingyun. Sichuan 21. The Alcazar of Segovia - Spain 22. Tombs of Myra - Turkey 23.  Fort Bourtange - Netherlands 24.  The Monastery Taktshang - Bhutan 25.  The island of São Miguel - Portugal 26.  Santa Maria dell'Isola - Italy 27.  The Gardens of Marqueyssac - France 28.  Labassin Waterfall Restaurant - Philippines 29.  Mosque Nasir-ol-Molk - Iran 30.  Pillars Nature Park - Lena, Russia 31.  The White Temple Wat Rong Khun - Thailand 32.  Park Gardens by the Bay - Singapore 33.  Kansas City Library - United States 34.  Mount Ai-Petri - Ukraine and Russia 35.  The Library of Alexandria - Egypt 36.  Le Moulin de l'Abbaye - France 37.  Huacachina Oasis - Peru 38.  The Marieta Islands - Mexico 39.  The Sigiriya - Sri Lanka 40. The Fort of São João Baptista - Portugal 41.  Montreal Botanical Garden - Canada

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