Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pictures to help you feel cooler and a war game simulator and the Red Baron

Difficult Situations

When things are going well and someone says he has trust in G-d, this is not sufficient evidence that he has truly internalized that attribute. The real test comes when difficult situations arise. Then his behavior will manifest his trust (or lack of it) in the Almighty.

Today, when something goes "wrong," recite to yourself: "There are no accidents in the world. Whatever the Almighty does is for my ultimate good."

Love Yehuda Lave

A little fun first:

She just passed away, and she was a great comedienne:
This was much funnier 30 years ago when it was first done. And of course they did get married.

Stiller & Meara on Computer Dating


LTRA-RARE footage of the most famous fighter pilot ever
Here is some World War One history of warfare


If you're interested in history or aviation, you cannot miss this footage. It was just posted online, and I've never seen anything like it. It's from 1917, and it's an up-close and personal look at the most legendary combat pilot who ever lived, the infamous Red Baron, Manfred Von Richthofen. Watch the extremely rare, extremely old footage and relive history.

You have never seen anything like this: Now some 21st century warfare that the Red Baron could never dream of:

A war game simulator that takes on the world..No army can feel safe:


Heat getting to you? Take a look at these.

The effects of cold

Baikal Ice Emerald Lake in Russia, by the way.
Baikal Ice Emerald
Frozen Bubbles
Frozen                                                            Bubbles
Folded Snow
Folded                                                            Snow
Frozen Flower Buds
Frozen                                                            Flower Buds
Frozen Lakes
Frozen                                                            Lakes
Ice Blossoms
Ice                                                            Blossoms
Frosted Lace
Frosted Lace
Flower After Ice Storm
Flower                                                            After Ice                                                            Storm
Frozen Tree
Frozen                                                            Tree
After Freezing Rain In China
After                                                            Freezing Rain                                                            In China
Frozen Pond
Frozen                                                            Pond
Frost On The Fence
Frost On                                                            The Fence
Frozen Berries
Frozen                                                            Berries
Frost Flowers In The Arctic Ocean
Frost                                                            Flowers In The                                                            Arctic Ocean
Frosted Pine
Frosted                                                            Pine
Frozen Grass
Frozen                                                            Grass
Icicles On The Blooming Apple Tree
Icicles                                                            On The                                                            Blooming Apple                                                            Tree
Grass After Freezing Rain
Grass                                                            After Freezing                                                            Rain
Frost Flowers
Icicle Bush
Icicle                                                            Bush
Leaf After Freezing Rain
Leaf                                                            After Freezing                                                            Rain
Snow Roller

Snow                                                            Roller